Nutra-Med provides quality contract packaging for Rx and OTC products to small and mid-sized businesses in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and healthcare industries. Conveniently located in New Jersey, Nutra-Med can meet all of your packaging needs, including thermo and cold form blistering, bottling, cartoning, clinical packaging, stability packaging, kit packaging, and hand assembly.


Nutra-Med Packaging has a diverse staff of over 120
full time employees. Our team brings many years of
experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Quality
Assurance, Operations and Sales. Over 25% of our staff
is in a QA/QC function. We take pride in our diversity
and strive to attract, grow, train and maintain talent to
continuously improve our team.


cGMP Compliance

Nutra-Med's facility is registered with the FDA, DEA and NJ State Health Dept. and is in compliance with cGMP, FDA, and DEA regulations. Nutra-Med's internal detailed SOP's are in place to ensure the quality of the products we package. We are proud of our SOP's and our customers appreciate them too.


All of our packaging machines are validated and qualified (IQ, OQ & PQ). Nutra-Med helps its customers prepare all validation protocols and validate new packaging processes. We routinely assist our customers as required to validate their packaging processes and to perform cleaning validations.


Our quality group receives the most current industry standards training and strives to build a culture that emphasizes quality at Nutra-Med. All production and packaging related activities are monitored and approved by our Quality Assurance department.


Our production facility is FDA registered, CGMP compliant and licensed for DEA schedule III-V and L1 Chemical. The total facility is 100,000 sqft, with over 40,000 sqft in production facilities, and 48,000 sqft in finished good, bulk and component warehousing. There
are 8 loading docks to facilitate incoming and outgoing shipments.

Our Facility Includes

• 21 Temperature Controlled Packaging Suites. • 8 blister packaging lines. • 5 high-speed bottling lines.  • 5 cartoning lines.