Services Overview

Nutra-Med Packaging is a one stop source for all of your pharmaceutical packaging needs. We offer complete supply chain management, from procuring materials to shipping the final packaged product. Our state of the art cGMP facility provides primary and secondary packaging for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

Nutra-Med's staff is courteous, responsive, and professional, paying close attention to the details of your every need. Every job, small or large, is equally important to us. Our staff knows the value of our customers and responds to every phone call and question in a timely fashion. Let us show you why Nutra-Med's customers appreciate and compliment our unmatched service.


Our Capabilities

We continue to strengthen our capabilities in those areas that matter to our customers. Beyond the standard blistering and
bottling, we have developed and invested in new technologies such as serialization, child resistance packaging, retail display
packout, and blistering.


We provide solid dose
bottling for high, as well as
low volumes. We handle
square, round or rectangular
bottles from 30cc to 1250cc


Blister Packaging

All of our blister machines
are the same make, and can
be used interchangeably for
thermo-forming or coldforming.
We have >400 tool
sets to help you minimize
your investment.


Secondary Assembly

We provide In-Line and Off-
Line packaging from retail
cartons to displays and kits.



We have invested in the appropriate serialization
technologies for cartons and bottles to ensure our
customers are compliant with the Drug Quality and
Security Act of 2013.


Child Resistant Packing

We support our customers to help them commercialize in the appropriate child
resistant packaging.




Flexibility and Efficiency

We pride ourselves on providing fast response times on quotations and work order
turnaround times while keeping costs in check.


Low-high volumes
Our flexible

Our flexible and efficient team and equipment allow us to offer short runs as well as high volume

ANDA Support

We have provided support for >100 ANDA filings from R&D batches, to stability, and validation
batches, allowing our customers to file on time.

Material analysis and USP 671 support

We have the experts in house to help you select the right materials as well as support container
closure changes.


It is really not a service. It has been mandated and we have invested in the technology to support our
customers, in turnkey packaging or as a standalone service.


Urgent Projects

We have done many last minute critical jobs to make filing deadlines or launch time frames that none
of our competitors would touch, including 24hr. turnaround.